Optimize Your Team Performance with Logezy Staff Management Software 

Logezy Staff Management Software UK efficiently automates every part of the recruitment, staffing and employee administration process at minimal cost.

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Logezy is built for you with useful features, an intuitive interface and powerful design built by a community of developers, it helps you focus on what you do best.

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Our Features

Staff management software in UK with features that make recruitment, staffing and employee management process  quick and easy

Employee Data Management - Quick & Easy

Manage and track employee information with ease. 

Compliance & RTW Checks- 
​Get Rid of Paperwork

Minimal paper-work for compliance process.

Three-way Communication- 
​Instant Updates via Mobile App

Update employees instantly on job vacancies through the mobile app.

Workforce Utilization-
​Information at your finger-tips

Deploy employees efficiently with no time-loss, besides instant reports.

Payroll - Fully Automated

Fully automated payroll and hassle-free administration of employees salaries.

Time Sheets- Efficient Time Management

 Accurate shift planning & schedules made simple.       

Automated Invoicing

Process invoices, request payments with no loss of time. Billing clients couldn’t be easier.

The Easiest Way To Manage Your Staffing Requirements

Staff management & administration can be a tedious and cumbersome activity. Logezy Staff Management Software provides the easiest solution to manage employee data, compliance & RTW checks, timesheets and payroll. Sign-up for a free trial of all our features.

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SaaS company with expertise in software solutions for recruitment & staffing

Logezy is a SaaS company that specialises in the development of end to end software solutions for recruitment and staff management. Our product is an outcome of in-depth research based on customer feedback and user analytics.

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logezy staff management software uk dashboard

How we help our clients meet staffing requirements

The task of managing the employee register and data is a cumbersome, slow process that eats into the efficiency of the organisation. We help clients resolve their pain points to strategically improve efficiency and productivity.

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