Revolutionizing Workplace Efficiency with a Staff Management System

Logezy Staff Management Software is a cloud-based solution that keeps every part of the recruitment, staffing and employee administration process connected. Logezy is an ideal platform for every organization with a large roster of employees with permanent and temporary staff management.

staff management system uk

If you are an organization or an agency that places temporary staff you will understand the value of having the right Temporary Staffing Software in place to manage their deployment, payment and billing for them. Our Temporary Staffing Solution is a technological platform that offers features that let you manage your staff without retaining them full time and with minimal paper-work. Logezy Staff Management Software solution makes all tasks such as employee data management, compliance & RTW checks, timesheets and payroll management quick and easy.

Our clients range from start-ups and established agencies across a wide range of verticals allowing them to move from cumbersome and time-consuming spreadsheet/word processing tools to a modern cloud-based solution enabling smooth and efficient administration of employees with rapid billing of clients.

The cloud-based Staff Management system uk comes with a mobile app for communication with employees, which allows instantaneous scheduling as well as updating them on job offers. Logezy Staff Management Software is easy to learn and implement for managers while the user-friendly mobile app is perfect to communicate with employees.

The Easiest Way To Manage Your Staffing Requirements

Staff management & administration can be a tedious and cumbersome activity. Logezy Staff Management Software provides the easiest solution to manage employee data, compliance & RTW checks, timesheets and payroll. Sign-up for a free trial of all our features.

staff management system uk

Automate Your Staff Management Process

"Watch our demo video to learn how our Staff Management system UK helped 
ABC Healthcare to overcome their pain points and automate their staffing 
process to reduce costs."   

Reliable Service, Quality Products & Effective Solutions

Logezy provides its clients with reliable service which customers can always depend upon 

through quality products and proven solutions which save time and cut costs.