‚ÄčA SaaS Company

Logezy is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that specialises in the development of end to end software solutions for recruitment and staff management. Our product is an outcome of in-depth research based on customer feedback and user analytics. Logezy Staff Management Software helps improve efficiency, save time and cut costs in all staffing and recruitment processes. Saas model has proven advantages over the traditional model which involves software installation and maintenance of the same by the client.

Under the SaaS model, the client no longer needs to invest in a hardware server or spend money for the upkeep and maintenance of the same. There is no capital investment for either the hardware or the software, neither does the client have to worry about installation, configuration,  hardware upgrades as well as software updates. 

Blue-chip companies, unicorns, start-ups the world over use SaaS model. In the SaaS model, the application can be accessed by end-users through a web browser and the software itself is managed and maintained by the software vendor.

In the SaaS model, the revenue is based on monthly user billing, access to users are provided for a monthly fee. This revenue model is hugely beneficial to the customer as the organisation is not burdened with capital investment for either the hardware or software as well as absolutely no maintenance cost for running the same. The SaaS model offers on-demand scalability for the client and this can be achieved without the need for buying additional software or hardware.

For Logezy the transformative change in moving to the SaaS model has resulted in improved efficiencies, lower costs, the benefits of which are passed on to the client. Logezy can provide seamless updates resulting in constant improvements in features of our flagship product. In a traditional software model, human resources and technical skillsets need to be deployed on running the software whereas under the SaaS model these resources can be deployed for improving the product based on customer feedback and user analytics data.

In the long run, we look forward to developing an ecosystem and marketplace around our flagship product where developers can contribute apps which can be integrated with our product. This will provide the clients with an option to add modules and features as per their requirement.

Logezy is ahead of the curve in vertical SaaS with our focus on the core area of staffing and recruitment for the healthcare sector. As a SaaS company, we look forward to utilising the benefits and technological advantages of the cloud platform for the benefit of our clients.