Automated Timesheets For Staffing

10.06.21 02:55 PM By Avarniya

Automated Timesheets For Staffing

Automated Timesheets for Nursing Agencies

Logezy Nursing Agency software enables recruitment agencies to switch to a 100% digital timesheet management process with absolutely zero paper-work. Digital timesheets feature in our Software, can completely eliminate errors arising from manual timesheets and save time whilst offering a vastly greater user experience to both your clients and candidates. Our customised app for agency will offer your candidates the opportunity to use e-signature to authorise timesheets and submit them. All the timesheets submitted by the candidates are instantly available for the clients to view and also present in the agency dashboard for the manager.

Once the shift is completed, the candidate can sign using the digital signature in the candidate mobile app, along with the authorisation from the care home manager and submit to the agency. The agency will then approve and generate an invoice. Timesheets couldn’t be any simpler!

This feature saves the hassle of sending timesheets manually to the client for approval besides saving time and paper.

The Logezy Nursing Agency Software provides an automated solution for shift planning & scheduling with accurate calculation of hours worked including attendance, extra hours, overpay, and time off.

Automated timesheets contributes to a swift agency management, majorly in the form of cost savings, improved time management and better productivity for your agency as well as your candidates, bringing benefits to all stakeholders including your clients.

The timesheets feature in our agency solution is not just about recording employee hours. It’s about understanding employee availability and moving to an automated workflow with minimum human intervention. Moreover, we promise you’ll never have to update another Excel spreadsheet to manage timesheets.

At Logezy, we are here to guide temporary recruitment agencies and solve their operational challenges with the help of technology and grow your business.

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