Recruitment Agency Expo 2021
Visit us at the Recruitment Agency Expo 2021, NEC Birmingham. We will demonstrate, one on one, the benefits of the Logezy Staffing Solution and how it can transform your nursing agency.
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Automated Timesheets For Staffing
Automated Timesheets For Staffing
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The COVID-19 pandemic has without a doubt had a considerable impact on the recruitment and staffing sector in the UK just as in the rest of the world. UK economic activities has witnessed a severe dip due to continued lockdown. As per the KPMG report, recruitment activities have picked ...

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The Future Of Nursing Agency Software
The nursing agency industry is evolving and we can see many in changes in the technologies of the future making an impact on the industry.
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Nursing Agency & Temporary Recruitment Software
The Logezy Nursing Agency Software is highly recommended for recruitment and nursing agencies in the United Kingdom.
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